[Audio] "All men are not the same" – Desam

"All men are not the same" is a song recorded by Nigerian singer and songwriter Desam  for the celebration of Father’s day and international men’s day.

The singer wrote the song because of the alarming increase in complaints from the other gender about men.

However, this song emphasizes the fact that no matter the negative experiences that some ladies have been through in past relationships, there are still good men out there who value, respect and cherish their women. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.  ALL MEN ARE NOT THE SAME.



"All men are not the same" Lyrics

I just want to clear this off your mind.

Let's go.



All men are not the same ,

Don't you feel they are the same .



Verse 1:

Some will treat you right, some will treat you wrong.

Some will make you smile, some make you cry.


Repeat Chrous



Some men will kill your dreams, some will help you grow.

Some will hold your hands and never let you go.

Some will break your trust, give love a chance. It won't be the same, cus we are not the same.