Forever Christ's is one of the nation’s most versatile and sought after professional Music Group, consisting of 5 sibling members: Ujudo Akara, Akudo Akara (group leader), Shepherd Akara, Praise Akara and Emmanuel Akara. 

The group has performed together since it's constitution in 2008, and it's members professionally sang background for Rev. Felix Akara until it's official debut in January 2019 when it was featured in Rev. Felix Akara's hit single, "Off My Shoulders". 

The group celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with the release of its first Christmas Single, “Celebrate the Saviour” Izokeey . “Celebrate the Saviour” is a song to emphasize focus on Jesus Christ as the true reason for the season. A song to spread the Christmas cheer; to ignite joy and celebration all over the nation. 

Forever Christ’s is renowned for it's unique and extraordinary music. It's inspirational sound speaks to every type of believer in Christ, and to every human heart, seeking to heal the ailing world. With a style that is soulful contemporary, while remaining embedded in the traditional Gospel sound, Forever Christ’s is poised to reach and minister a to a myriad of people.