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A Musicologist that has traveled all over the world with the likes of the legendary Ebenezer Obey before GOD arrested him. He is the producer of: “Amona Tete Mabo” by Pastor J.A Adelakun (a.k.a. Ayewa) “Father Bless My Home” by Rev. Shola Rotimi & many more.

Being patriotic at heart, Paul received the inspiration to sing a song of reformation for the nation and its citizenry. Tespee was inspired by the Late President John F. Kennedy, who said: “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

“MAKE NIGERIA GREAT” is a song all Nigerians need to listen to, understand & agree with the lyrics. It says it all that if you love Nigeria, you will make Nigeria great. 

The song will make you have a positive thinking, that you can only make Nigeria great by being good as a person. This song will let you know that when every Nigerian is great, it spontaneously makes Nigeria a great country. Come to think of it in reality, the landmass called Nigeria is depicted only by the people inhabiting in it. 

The young generation represented by the rock group “G. FORCE” contributes their own quota by appealing to the old and young to stop squandering the wealth of Nigeria for selfish reasons. The Holy Book says “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Therefore we identify with those who love Nigerians but disagree with those who harm Nigerians. Let us all pray for Nigeria and do our best to make Nigeria great.