EP: CPA - Money And Legacy EP @yung_cpa @ayaya_media

"They want me to choose between Money OR Legacy but I choose both and I owe no one apologies and while it may take time to figure things out here, I just want to re-emphasize that I am here for the Money and for the Legacy" - CPA 2018 The "MONEY AND LEGACY EP" by CPA is finally here. Highly recommended and highly anticipated. MONEY AND LEGACY EP TRACK LIST

 01. CPA - Olololo Money & Legacy Download Now
 02. CPA Ft Wiz Manny - Gentle Man Download Now 
 03. CPA Ft Iceboxx - Blexd Download Now
 04. CPA Ft Rizzy A - So Nice Download Now
 05. CPA Ft Potta Duez - Wusup Download Now
 06. CPA - Gwanumo Download Now 

Download Full EP: CPA - Money And Legacy (Zip) Download Now