WATCH The Skales Interview That’s Got People Talking

I recently interviewed one of my favourite artistes "Skales", and it didn't end well. ___ In 2014, my friend Samson introduced me to rap music. Although I had been a casual fan of the genre for many years, this was a new exposure for me, and as opposed to solely considering music as a soundtrack for feel-good moments, I was reintroduced to it as an art form for therapeutic, informative and motivational purposes. __ Before 2014 I was a very young dreamer, trapped in an environment that wasn’t conducive for my wild imaginations. Nobody understood my vision. “I am going to save Africa”, I said many times to my friends who in most cases would resort to laughing as they could barely understand what I meant. In all honesty, even I was clueless about what drove me but I was pretty convinced that there were people like me out there who wake up every day feeling like it was their duty to save the world- or at least their immediate sphere of influence. ____ Everything however changed in 2014. I met Samson and just like me, Sam is a creative but unlike me, he was a sucker for rap music. He was constantly bumping it and few months into our friendship, I was forced to become acquainted. Even in his absence, all that played in my head were the melodies of the songs in his playlist. It first felt like sessions of recitations but the music soon began to hit. The words began to resonate – they slowly surpassed my ears and got to my heart. It felt like a revelation. ___ These rappers embedded their pains, unconventional ideologies and proclaimed their vision on these records and just like a gospel; the words reflected my personal battles. “I know they see the future, they recognise that I’m a king, I know they see the possibility that I’m the dream they’ve been sleeping on; that’s why I’m still keeping on, I own the heart that the future  was written on”, these were strong words from Skales in a 2014 rap single titled “Shining”. I realised that there were people with unpopular dreams and personal struggles that resembles mine. Music became my escape!... Hit the link in my bio to read full story and watch my interview with Skales.
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Nigerian singer Skales has been in the new today for walking out of an interview with a interviewer named Victor Okpala after the latter seemed to imply that his hit track Booty Language was not a “genius piece of art“.

In an article written by Victor to explain the circumstances surrounding the interview, he explains that he became a fan of Skales from when he used to rap and cannot understand why he made the switch to more commercially inclined tracks like Booty Language.

In the video, Skales can be visibly seen getting angry and demanding that the interview not be published before walking off the cameras.

Mixed reactions have trailed the video with some people of the opinion that the interviewer overstepped his bounds while others seems to think Skales should have handled the issue in a more diplomatic manner. What do you think? 

 Watch the video below: