Music : Jazzsari - Peace Anthem @jazzsari


Jazzsari (Asari Otu-Adeoye), the Jazz Lady of Gospel/Inspirational Music, Songwriter, a Vocal Coach and Singer with a message of Hope in Christ, has finally lent her voice in support of global peace and unity with the official music video for her New Single “Peace Anthem”; the song’s lyrics are stirring and poignant.

Her innate humorous disposition and infectious laugh draws you in, but her compassion for mankind will cause you to appreciate her heart and Songs.


lyrics of the song Peace Anthem .

There'll be no more guns
It's an end to fighting,
We'll live in Peace and Harmony
And always work things out.
In the place of rage,
We will be uniting
Talking through our differences
All without a doubt(all without a fight)

We'll have Peace
Peace all around us
We'll have Peace
A cord that will bind us
Together forever as one