MUSIC: Mark Giles & David Batterson – Can I Get More Cowbell


In 2000, “Saturday Night Live” blew the roof off with its “more cowbell” skit starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell, with Jimmy Fallon playing drums. The hilarious skit has since become one of the most popular skits in SNL’s history.

Now a new spoof song exists about the lowly cowbell and its place in many hit songs. It features music and voice by ex-deejay/musician Mark Giles, who lives in Santa Barbara. The opening voiceover and lyrics are by veteran writer David Batterson of San Diego. Batterson also created the low-budget video.

The song is called “Can I Get More Cowbell.” Batterson and Giles are members of ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers), and it's registered with that PRO (Performing Rights Organization).

Batterson was formerly a contributing news reporter for nine years with San Diego READER. He recently was a script doctor for a screenplay based on a book about a Lakota tribal elder. Giles continues to do radio work in Santa Barbara.