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TRAPTAPE: Jkobi - Torgodobi tha Traptape T4 | @asapkobi

Nigerian fast rising rap sensation Jacob Imande also known as Jkobi is here again with a body of work he calls Torgodobi tha Traptape T4. This Lagos based Benue born rapper is a house hold name in Nigerian Hip-hop scene and has for a long time put makurdi on the map with a unique, prolific vibe that is appreciated by fans world wide.This mixtape features top notch Benue arts like Krispins, Muvment, George Nize, Mozanger, TK Loona, Dj Lenny, Bluberry OG, Slim Birdie, Maleeq Souls,etc and is produced by Charles creation, Ability, Freechild, Lenon beats, Mozanger, Slowingz etc and is guaranteed to bump your speakers.After this mixtape Jkobi will be Benue's most consistent rapper in the first quarter of the year 2020. Download,enjoy n share with friends.



 DOWNLOAD Track 2...Ire ft George Nize n Maleeq Souls 

 DOWNLOAD Track 3..Makaveli ft Muvment 

 DOWNLOAD Track4..Waguan ft Dj Lenny X Muvment X Blubury OG X Slim birdie 

 DOWNLOAD Track5..Not Urs 

 DOWNLOAD Track 6.Godobi Fam ft Krispins n Mozanger 

DOWNLOAD Track7..101 ft TK Loona 

 STREAM TRAPTAPE: Jkobi - Torgodobi tha Traptape T4 via Audiomack