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Music : Zadeno Simsim - Your Name Jesus

Right from her early high school days, singing had been a passion for Zadeno who is also known as Stephanie. It didn't just stop there for in her university days, she took this passion as a ministry. Graced with songs of hope and a lifestyle of worship, Zadeno has had several singles but "Your name Jesus" is officially her first hit to be publicized. "Your name Jesus" was inspired by the Holy Spirit in 2018 birthed by a great testimony.

Being as potent as ever and never losing its power, the name of Jesus has and will always be our greatest weapon. Scriptures says that at the mention of the name "Jesus", every insurmountable bows. His name is a strong tower where our safety lies.

We've heard and seen famous and influential names but they faded away; feared and powerful kings but today are forgotten but the name of Jesus has since remained relevant and reigns forever.

The song was produced by Lord Louis a gifted and unusual producer who put his whole heart and effort to ensure the song be a blessing to the world.