UK based Gospel Singer Apphia queenz is set to drop the music video of “MANY DAY” which was released on Jan 6, 2019. When most people listen to music, they do so from the standpoint of having something to relate to and feeling understood. This is something only a true artist understands about their fans and strives to deliver to them, but just as today’s times are changing, so is the music that is being created.

The music we hear on the radio is constantly evolving, with the times that we are living in, and, although most of these songs can still be related to, or, at least, provide a glimpse into a lifestyle that we would like to relate to, they don’t always provide nourishment for the soul. 

 One thing for certain, there are still artists who are aiming to deliver that to the world. Some may not be familiar with his name yet, but Apphia queenz is doing just that, as she is on a mission to deliver music with a message that adds value to your life. 

The Singer revealed this via her Instagram page that she will be dropping the Music Video of her hit single “Many Days”. 

The Song “Many Days”is a celebration of the finished works of Jesus Christ on the wings of a soul-uplifting music delivery.