News: DFC Africa MMA has finally Signed A New Fighter / @dfcafricamma

Dynamite fighting championship (DFC AFRICA) has finally signed a new Martial Arts fighter by the name MRKIZ AMEACHI. 

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Dynamite fighting championship DFC Africa is a carbon copy of UFC ultimate fighting championship, a mixed martial arts (mma)organization based in Nigeria. MMA is the fastest growing sports entertainment in the world. 

DFC Africa have embarked on holistic transformation and redirection of combat sports in Nigeria and Africa at-large. 

we want to provide Nigeria and Africa fans a new viewing experience, we want to provide new entertainment option and promote national identity. 

Our aim is to build our local talents, they have done so much to remain focused ever without proffesional platforms to expose them.they have given so much and deserve alot of credit then they get. 

We will put there efforts through the eyes of the cameras" DFC AFRICA president Amb Henry George.